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Sarah Small is the former Chief of Staff at Food Tank. Sarah previously served as the Global Events Director & Special Assistant, Research Associate, Membership Manager, and Research and Communications Intern for Food Tank: The Food Think Tank. She helped launch an urban agriculture walking tour in Chicago, Food Tank Tours, and has been published in Christian Science Monitor, The Telegraph, Thomson Reuters, The Daily Meal, The Huffington Post, TakePart, and The Chicago Council on Global Affairs Global Food for Thought blog. Sarah served as Founder and Event Director of Yoga Rocks the Park Chicago, a yoga and music movement sweeping 20+ U.S. cities. She served as an Associate Board Member of Growing Home, Inc., a nonprofit organization providing workforce development and organic produce on Chicago’s south side. Sarah is also a certified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Institute for Nutritional Leadership. She is the founder of a health and lifestyle brand for women with autoimmune disease, called Autoimmune Tribe. Sarah is also a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Leadership Institute where she received Breakthrough and Outstanding Performance Awards. She graduated from DePaul University with her Master’s in International Public Service with distinction. Sarah also has a Bachelor’s in Biology and Art from Kalamazoo College.

Boston Grocery Store Fights Food Waste and Spreads Access to Healthy Food

Boston grocery store reduces food waste to help food security and promote healthy habits.

Farmer Spotlight: Helena Sylvester Farms Sustainably for the Next Generation

Farmer Helena Sylvester of Sunol, CA loves working outside with the wind on her face and the sun on her back.

Groundbreaking New Book: Eating Planet

The publication addresses three paradoxes in the food system—food waste, the coexistence of malnutrition and obesity, and the overuse of natural resources.

A Diet Change to Fight Climate Change: Eat More Pulses

Find out what small diet change each of us can make to combat climate change.

What’s the Buzz? Media That’s All About Agriculture

These media sources from around the world explore food, agriculture, and sustainability.

The 2016 Food+City Challenge Prize: Innovation Within the Urban Food System

Finalists in the Food+City Challenge will compete for US$50,000.

Women We Love: 25 Influential Women in Food and Agriculture

This list highlights 25 powerful women in food and agriculture across the world.

Livestock Diversity is Crucial for Future Food Security on a Harsher Planet

Modern ways of farming animals are hurting livestock diversity.

Farmer Spotlight: Jackie Prell Farms With Future Generations in Mind

If she could, Jackie Prell would make all food organically, like it was 100 years ago.

New Guide Shows How Maize, Rice, and Wheat are Grown to Boost Yields, Reduce Environmental Impact

At the core of FAO’s “Save and Grow” model of agriculture is an ecosystem approach, which capitalizes on natural biological and ecosystem processes.

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