Food Systems Change Takes a Community: “No One Can Do This Alone”

Farmers, food systems advocates, and business leaders discuss the ways that food systems can help to empower people and support the planet.

The Changing Culture of Dairy

In this event presented by Food Tank and Clover Sonoma, our expert panelists explore the future of the dairy industry and how we can convert to systems that empower and support communities.

New on the Podcast: Marcus Benedetti on the Future of Dairy Farming and Robert Jones on Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquaculture expert Robert Jones of The Nature Conservancy and third-generation owner and CEO of Clover Sonoma dairy company, Marcus Benedetti discuss sustainable farming and the future of our food system.

The Rethinking Animals Summit 2019

Danielle will speak on the second day as part of a roundtable discussion on the Future of Food & Farming, moderated by Philip Lymbery of Compassion in World Farming.

Block by Block: Building Food Secure Communities in Florida

Danielle will be the keynote speaker at the Florida Blue Foundation’s first forum, in partnership with the GuideWell Innovation Center.

California Food Choices: Dairy, Plant-based & its Impact

Danielle will moderate a panel of academics, experts, and business leaders to discuss how consumer food choices impact the environment, health and nutrition, animal welfare, the economy, and communities. 

At Clover Sonoma, Supporting Farmers Brings Urbanites to the Farm

On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” CEO of Clover Sonoma Marcus Benedetti talks about maintaining a dairy connected to a network of partnerships with family-owned dairy farms.

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