Eve Gleeson
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Raised in Ohio but currently based in the UK, Eve Gleeson is a research and writing fellow at Food Tank. She holds a Bachelor's degree in International Studies from Emory University and a Master's degree in International Relations from King's College London, and is passionate about building a resilient, equitable, and sustainable food system. You can find her spreading knowledge and resources about sustainable food on Instagram at @nourishingus and on Twitter at @evegleeson_.

Switching Out The Beef For Rabbit: Can Rodents Provide A Sustainable Meat Alternative?

Rodents from rabbits to cane rats provide sustainable protein sources for many populations, but expanding their consumption could pose problems.

The Food Systems Game Changers Lab Supports Global Food Innovators

The Food Systems Game Changers Lab offers an opportunity for innovative new ideas to create positive change in the food system.

Global Leaders Pledge Their Commitment To True Cost Accounting

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food (GA) recently published a sign-on letter encouraging eaters and policymakers alike to recognize the true costs of food. By embracing True Cost Accounting (TCA), GA believes that global leaders can help ensure…

The Global Food Donation Atlas Tackles Food Waste Policy

The new tool identifies challenges to food donation and opportunities to create more sustainable policies.

New Book Addresses Hidden Costs of Food

A new book, the True Cost Accounting for Food: Balancing the Scale, provides a new way to understand the social, human, economic and environmental costs of the food system.

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