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Ian Muir Smith is a Research Fellow at Food Tank. Before joining Food Tank, Ian worked at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (a United Nations agency), writing stories about the impact of climate finance on smallholder farmers. Ian has lived with and learned from organic farmers in South Africa, rural Kenya, and Chicago, his hometown. Ian's research interests include food sovereignty, climate change, and alternatives to development embodied through indigenous, regenerative, and community led agriculture.

Investing In Local Farmers To Build Food Sovereignty for Haiti

By investing in local economies, local peasant associations, and local solutions like agroecology, organizations are rebuilding a self-sufficient food system.

Coalition Formed to Address Injustice and Exploitation for Agri-food Workers

The Decent Work for Equitable Food Systems Coalition is calling for decent work across food systems.

Report Finds That Agriculture Is Breaching Several Planetary Boundaries

The planetary boundaries framework looks at human’s impact on the environment more holistically than just focusing on greenhouse gasses and climate change.

Indigenous People, Western Science, and Conservation in Thailand

This community of indigenous people used science and international organizations to prove that they know what’s best for the environment.

Community Food Navigator Leading The Way Toward Food Sovereignty in Chicago

The Community Food Navigator provides important resources related to accessing nutritious food in neighborhoods with low food access.

World’s First Vaccine for Deadly African Swine Fever Approved for Commercial Use

While African Swine Fever has a near 100 percent mortality rate, top scientists are hopeful that the African Swine Fever vaccine will soon be made available around the world.

What We Eat Drives Forest Destruction Around The World—New Deforestation Laws Could Change That

Policymakers in the EU and U.S. are looking to curb illegal deforestation driven by demand for cheap beef, cocoa, and soy.

IPCC Synthesis Report: A Final Alarm For Climate, A Final Alarm For Food Systems

The IPCC Synthesis Report notes that incorporating knowledge from Indigenous Peoples and local communities is essential to ensuring locally appropriate, socially acceptable solutions.

“All Things Food” at SXSW on March 12th – 50+ Speakers, Delicious Food, Film Viewings, and Much More!

The program will feature 50+ speakers, film screenings, delicious food, a theatrical performance, and much more.

Farmers Spearheading Community Led Development in Liberia

To address gender inequality and youth unemployment, farmers collectively decided to donate land for women and youth to communally tend to.

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