Margot Tuchler
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Margot is a senior at Duke University studying International Comparative Studies and Italian.

Lessons in Sustainable Farming: An Interview with Hal Hamilton

Hal Hamilton, founder of Sustainable Food Lab, talks to Food Tank about how sustainability and industrial food production can go hand in hand.

Baker Creek Keeps History Alive Through Seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is home to more than 1,600 seed varieties and serves customers all over the world from its warehouse in Missouri.

Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust Works Toward Millennium Development Goals

A New Delhi charity is working towards the Millennium Development Goals by empowering women and children to achieve well-being.

TuttiFrutti Brings Ancient Produce Back to the Market

TuttiFrutti is bring ancient fruits and vegetables to the modern market.

Milan Protocol Wants Your Contributions!

The Milan Protocol is inviting comments and opinions on the existing draft in preparation for the Expo Milano in 2015.

Design Students, Activists Collaborate to Create Sustainable Food Emojis

Sustainable food advocates now have a set of emojis at their disposal.

Ten Young People Who Are Changing the Food System

These 10 young entrepreneurs from around the world are changing the way we grow, prepare, consume, and think about food.

10 Ways to Help Produce Avoid the Garbage Can

Here are 10 ways to keep fruit and vegetables fresh to avoid unnecessary food waste.

Extrusion Cooking Can Process Basic Ingredients and Improve Nutritional Content

Extrusion cooking, when applied to grains that form a large part of Africans’ diets, has the potential to create greater food security.

Field Museum Restaurants, Garden Promote Sustainability

The Field Museum is home to two locally driven restaurants and a vegetable garden, designed to further the Chicago institution’s sustainability initiatives.

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