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Max Nathanson is a senior political science major and history/Spanish minor at the University of Colorado. He loves cooking and adventurous eating, being outdoors and active, and chooses mountains over the beach any day. He may be reached at, via Twitter at @themaxnathanson, and at

The Surprising Food That Will Save the World

Why insects, nutritious and delicious, are eaten all over the world and provide a sustainable path toward environmental and public health stability.

How Do Sustainable Food Start-Ups Achieve Success? By Sticking Together.

Sustainable food startups are finding success as they support each other.

The Marathon Man: Running to Outlast Hunger

Celebrated runner Paul Tergat runs to combat child hunger in Africa.

Women Peasants Using Biodiverse Farming to Feed Families

Deccan women peasant farmers use biodiverse planting methods to produce solid agricultural yields.

Using Technology to Farm Kenya’s Future

Kevin Makhanu of the Agricultural Society of Kenya talks about technological advances and positively changing traditional structures of farming.

Pearls of Production: A New Tool to Improve Millet Yields

New grain tools allow farmers to thresh pearl millet efficiently, sustainably, and productively, increasing yields and the independence of small family farms.

Database of Sustainable Grassland Management – Calling for Submissions!

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is calling for submissions to its Database of Best Practices in Sustainable Grassland Management.

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