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Max Sano is a Research and Writing Intern with Food Tank based in Queens, New York. He earned a BA in Government, Environmental Studies and Arabic at Franklin & Marshall College where he also coordinated a student-led, regenerative garden in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Max's undergraduate thesis focused on the relationship between food sovereignty and state sovereignty. He is currently pursuing a MA in Food Studies at New York University while freelance writing for numerous news platforms. Max is passionate about the intersection of food justice, public policy and environmental ethics.

The Fight Against Food Apartheid in Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport Green is working to address shortcomings in local food systems and ensure that communities have access to fresh, nutritious food.

Empowering Farmer-to-Farmer Networks: AGROMIX’s Efforts to Support Sustainable Agriculture in Europe

Farmers are sharing accessible information from other producers and policymakers across the EU.

Growth of Regenerative Farming in Greece

Regenerative farming can improve soil health. Can these practices also help communities reduce the severity of wildfires?

Food Trails: A Vision for Urban Food Systems

With 11 pilot projects around the European Union, Food Trails is encouraging the development of sustainable, urban food systems.

The Relationship Between Debt and Global Hunger: A Special IPES-Food Report

A debt crisis is pushing millions more people around the world into hunger.

Transforming Youth Education and Regenerating Land

The Blackwood Educational Land Institute connects children of all ages with the natural world through farming.

Food Assistance to Earthquake Recovery in Turkey, Syria

A series of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria will have immediate implications on the region’s food security.

World Economic Forum’s Davos Conference Talks Food Systems

Speakers addressed rural food systems, regenerative agriculture, and the future of agri-food tech during Davos 2023.

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