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McKenna is the former Editorial Director for Food Tank. She holds an M.A. in Food and Agricultural Law and Policy from Vermont Law School and a B.S. in Public Communications from the University of Vermont. She currently resides in Vermont and enjoys yoga, snowboarding, hiking, and swimming in her free time.

Readers React to GMOs

Food Tank shared an opinion piece by Dr. Gurian-Sherman examining a GMO documentary. Here are several responses we received.

Ten Restaurant Innovators Serving Delicious Food with a Side of Sustainability

Hungry for more than just good food? Check out these 10 restaurant innovators committed to reducing their impact on the environment by serving their food with a side of sustainability.

Now Entering the Age of Food Efficiency: Interview with Jon Shaw of Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems

Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems is improving efficiencies along the cold chain to combat food waste and climate change while providing safe, nutritious and diversified food.

Record-Breaking Growth of Organic Industry

The increase in consumer demand for organic products is growing faster than the supply chain can manage.

Philadelphia Soda Tax: A Sweet Plan to Fund City Programs

Mayor Kenney has devised an innovative plan to raise money to combat poverty in Philadelphia.

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