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Food Tank’s Summer 2016 Reading List

Food Tank has hand picked 16 books that educate, inform, and inspire us in a wide range of topics.

The First 1,000 Days by Roger Thurow: Eliminating Global Malnutrition 1,000 Days at a Time

Roger Thurow’s The First 1,000 Days follows 12 women from 4 countries as they struggle to provide the best care for their babies in the crucial first 1000 days.

Eighteen Food-Focused Books You Must Read This Spring

Food Tank has selected 18 books that will inspire and inform readers on topics ranging from food justice to urban composting to local food systems.

Groundbreaking New Book: Eating Planet

The publication addresses three paradoxes in the food system—food waste, the coexistence of malnutrition and obesity, and the overuse of natural resources.

Culinary Comics: 10 Comics as Delicious as they are Delightful

These delectable comics will satisfy any appetite. Pick one up and expand your palate for both the culinary and sequential arts.

What’s the Buzz? Media That’s All About Agriculture

These media sources from around the world explore food, agriculture, and sustainability.

Food Tank’s 2016 Winter Reading List

Food Tank’s winter reading list for 2016 is a unique collection of compelling books on sustainable agriculture, recipes, nutrition, and food history.

Food Tank’s Favorite Books of 2015

Food Tank’s favorite books from 2015 include both fresh and familiar titles, and explore topics ranging from ethical meat consumption to global food security.

Voting is Open for the 2015 Real Food Media Contest Short Films!

The 2015 Real Food Media Contest invited a new crop of films under four minutes that tell unique stories about food, farming, and sustainability.

Food Tank’s 2014 Winter Reading List

Food Tank’s winter reading list will warm you up and leave you inspired.

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