Urban Agriculture

England’s Paignton Zoo: Feeding Animals from the Ground Up

Check out why the Paignton Zoo, located in Devon, England, implements hydroponics to nourish its animals.

Support for Urban Agriculture from the Ground Up: Canada’s Parliament Gardens

Learn how the Canadian government demonstrated that urban farming is accessible most anywhere by most anyone through the erection of its Parliament Gardens.

Interview with Dr. Nick Rose, Australian Food System Activist

Dr. Nick Rose, Executive Director of Sustain, talks to Food Tank about building a fair and resilient food system in Australia.

Chicago Council Releases its Annual Global Food Security Report

The Chicago Council released its annual global food security report on how to feed the world\’92s growing cities.

Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein on Health and the Microbiome

Food Tank had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, a pediatric neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, naturalist, and author of The Dirt Cure.

Five Questions with Tony Hillery, Founder of Harlem Grown

Food Tank spoke with Tony Hillery, the founder of Harlem Grown, about his organization\’92s mission to inspire youth to live healthy, ambitious lives.

Ten Questions with Harry Rhodes, Executive Director of Growing Home

Food Tank spoke with Harry Rhodes, Executive Director of Growing Home, who will be speaking at the Food Tank Summit in Chicago.

The Wireless Garden of Edyn: Changing How Gardeners Grow Food

The Edyn Garden Sensor uses the Internet to monitor changes occurring in a garden, so the gardener knows precisely what is needed for her plants to flourish.

United Nations Finds That Greenhouse Gases Are Increasing from Agriculture

A report by the FAO, University of Minnesota, and CGIAR suggests that sustainable intensification is not enough to lower agricultural emissions to safe levels.