Policy That Protects Our Future: Top 4 Water Conservation Strategies for Policymakers

Today’s post, the second in Food Tank’s series on World Water Day, profiles the role that governments and policymakers play in sustainable water use.

World Water Day 2013: Cooperation and Collaboration for the Future of Food

March 22 is World Water Day. This week, Food Tank will share tips and information about water conservation in the food system.

As Antibiotic Use in Food Animals Rises, So Does Public Concern

Many food producers sell meat products treated with antibiotics. Growing concerns about human health effects give rise to calls for labeling and alternatives.

Protecting Bees: The European Union to Vote on Proposal to Ban Common Insecticides

European Union to vote during March 14-15th meeting on a proposal to ban the use of three common crop insecticides due to their harmful impacts on bees.

Can Changing Your Front Lawn Change the Way You Eat?

Edible Estates and Michael Pollan question traditional front lawns. Instead they are asking, how would our food system change if everyone gardened at home?

Food Workers at O’Hare Airport Recommend Sustainable Food Options in New Report

UNITE HERE food workers reveal vision for sustainable food at O’Hare Airport in a new report, which recommends cooking fresh, healthy meals using local produce and reducing food waste.

When Faced with Plant Viruses, Seed Kits Can Help Provide Nutrients

During the recent Plant Virus Epidemiology Symposium held in Arusha, Tanzania, leaders in science and agriculture discussed how plant viruses are jeopardizing f

The Fresh Idea of Freezing Local Produce for School Lunches

According to a recent report by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, many schools are freezing local produce for consumption all year round.

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