Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team O.A.S.I.S./Project Desert Farms

Students envision cultivating the desert as a solution to food insecurity.

Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team Ingenerovictus

Team Ingenerovictus envisions turning food scraps into fertilizer and incentivizing food donations with an Android credit system.

Documentary Film Tackles Modern Food Culture

Filmmakers Eric Carlsen and Lathe Poland have been interviewing experts from around the world on the important topic of diabetes and the American Diet.

North Brooklyn Farms Opens to the Public

The newest addition to New York’s urban farming community opens to the public.

‘Organic’ One Of The Most Confusing Labels, Report Says

The label “organic” is one of the most confusing for consumers, says a new report by the Natural Foods Merchandiser.

Food Hero: Bob Martin, Senior Policy Advisor at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

Bob Martin, this week’s Food Hero, has extensively researched recommendations for improving the United States’ livestock agriculture.

Mexico: Public Health, Rising Obesity and the NAFTA Effect

Guest author Judy Bankman illustrates how Mexico, like many other developing countries in the global South, is currently going through a nutrition transition.

Twelve Athletes Fighting to Change the Food System

These 12 athletes are doing their part to make sure that no one is limited by hunger, malnutrition, or obesity-related health problems.

What Do We Mean When We Talk of Gender Strategies for Agricultural Research?

This guest post from ICRISAT calls for gender strategies to fulfill a greater role in guiding agricultural research.

YPARD Builds Network of Young Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development

YPARD, the Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research for Development, is building a network to remedy the lack of youth in agriculture.