Enset: Ethiopia’s Ancient Solution for Soil Health

Enset can be utilized as an agricultural tool for protecting soil health.

Food Tank Book of the Week: Cows Save the Planet by Judith Schwartz

Judith Schwartz argues that restoring carbon to soil through an admittedly unlikely candidate – the cow – could yield many lasting benefits.

Food Hero: LaDonna Redmond, Founder of Campaign for Food Justice Now

Food justice is about more than just nutrition: it’s about social justice and the reform of the food system as part of a larger socio-political context.

Missed the Food Waste Free NYC Livestream Event Last Night? Watch the Recording!

Yesterday, Food Tank hosted a groundbreaking event on the global problem of food waste. The recording of the event is now available for viewing.

International Year of Family Farming: Successes of Cover Cropping Explored in National Survey

The Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) recently released a report outlining positive results from a survey on cover cropping practices.

Kroger Spearheads Food Waste Conversion for Renewable Energy

Kroger seeks to transform 55,000 tons of unsellable food waste into energy to power their distribution center in Compton, California

Vermont Law Takes On Food Waste

Vermont combates food waste and goes further than any other state to integrate composting into the state’s waste management plan.

Innovations in Farming Fighting Food Waste Around the World

While food waste is a global problem, farmers worldwide are stepping up to offer solutions.

America’s Food Waste Problem and Hope in the Food Recovery Movement

According to guest author Ben Simon, founder of the Food Recovery Network, preventing food waste is good for the environment – and for business.

Urban Garden Project Converts Trash into Produce in Masaya, Nicaragua

The Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Masaya Without Borders Association have teamed up to use waste to create community gardens to fight hunger.

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