14 Food Resolutions to Bring in The New Year

Together we can be that generation and find solutions to nourish both people and the planet! Here are 14 food resolutions for 2014.

Clean Water in Haiti – Two projects find success with a simple solution

Clean water is a rare and expensive resource in Haiti. Two projects are changing that with an inexpensive, simple technology.

Farming in the Bay: 10 Urban Agriculture Projects in San Francisco

Food Tank Highlights 10 Urban Agriculture projects in San Francisco including; Slide Ranch, Little City Gardens, and more.

Experts argue Land Rights for Women is Key to Curbing Global Hunger

Stronger land rights for women may help advance the progress toward global food security by increasing the autonomy they have over the management of resources.

Trestle Group Foundation, Connecting Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Economies

Trestle Group Foundation is paving the way for growth, job creation, and innovation for women entrepreneurs in developing economies.

#GivingTuesday 2013: A Hunger Advocate’s Guide

Highlighting a few #GivingTuesday efforts we found particularly interesting; including Cluck-o-grams and grow-a-row.

Innovation for Sustainability: Sahara Forest Project Uses Sand, Sunlight to Produce Food and Water

The Sahara Forest Project is using abundant desert resources to create sustainable food production systems.

The Paiute Tribe’s Food System Project restores control of food system

The Owen Valley’s Paiute tribe aims to regain control of its food system through its Sustainable Food System Development Project.

Rethinking Industrial Meat Production

We know meat production takes many resources, but do we have any idea what the limits of all those resources are?

International Conference on Agriculture, Food, and Urbanizing Society 2014

The next International Conference on Agriculture, Food, and Urbanizing Society will take place in Amsterdam in May 2014.