Healthy Food for a Healthy World

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs will be hosting a discussion on healthy food and its role in the food system.

The War on Genetically-Modified-Food Critics: Et tu, National Geographic?

The consensus on the safety of GM food is perfectly clear: there is no consensus.

101 Facts That Make Us Hopeful About the Future of Food

Food Tank is highlighting 101 stories of hope, innovation, and success, in creating a better food system.

World’s First Business School for Food Entrepreneurship and Innovation Launches!

The Food Business School, part of The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), is the world’s first business school for food entrepreneurship and innovation.

Real Food Media Contest Features Oyster Men of Long Island Sound

Baymen on the Long Island Sound spend all day scuba diving to pick wild oysters by hand.

Advocacy Groups Push for Inclusion of Sustainability Recommendations in U.S. Dietary Guidelines

The recent release of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s sustainability recommendations has prompted broad support from advocacy groups.

Exclusive Webinar Series: Slow Meat 2015 – Turning the Herd Toward Better Meat, Less Meat

Food Tank is hosting a special discussion with Megan Larmer, Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives at Slow Food USA, on March 4 at 12pm ET.

More Food for the Hungry, Less Food in Landfills

How a food bank in Panama broke through government hurdles to gain access to more food for the hungry.

High School Students Launch Innovative Greenhouse Program

Maggie Bass and fellow environmentally-minded students at DC public schools are pushing for more greenhouses and curriculum focused on urban ecology.

Exposed: The Secret Life of Roots

An upcoming exhibit at the United States Botanic Garden will feature the hidden root systems of our food crops.