Food-X: Changing the Future of Food

Food-X\’92s fourth cohort of food and agriculture startups includes companies throughout the food supply chain.

Greening the Restaurant Industry: An Interview with Karen Leibowitz

Sustainability is at the forefront of Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz’s newest restaurant, The Perennial, which opened in San Francisco in January 2016.

RIPPLE Africa Ensures Fish for Tomorrow in Lake Malawi

An amazingly effective conservation project devised by a small UK charity is ensuring that there are fish for tomorrow in Africa\’92s third-largest lake.

NRDC’s Auntie Biotic Petitions for KFC to Reform its Antibiotics Policies

NRDC’s chicken mascot Auntie Biotic petitions to push KFC to stop sourcing chickens that are routinely fed antibiotics even in good health.

New Bill in Congress Dispels Consumer Confusion Surrounding Food Labels

The Food Date Labeling Act in Congress would provide a national-level standard for clear and comprehensible food quality and safety labels.

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