Successful Ebola Vaccine Could Shape the Future of Epidemic Prevention

The rVSV-ZEBOV trial ebola vaccine proves 100-percent effective in a recent study in Guinea, launching it into an accelerated approval process that could serve as a model for future epidemic prevention.

Ken Cook: “I have great hope that we can fix the food and agriculture system”

Ken Cook, President and Co-Founder of the Environmental Working Group, is speaking at the third annual D.C. Food Tank Summit.

The Impossible Burger Will Debut in Two Award-Winning New York Restaurants

Another victory for Impossible Foods as the Impossible Burger continues to gain traction in the restaurant industry as the standard for plant-based meat.

Fran Drescher: “We are what we eat”

Fran Drescher, Executive Director of Cancer Schmancer, is speaking at the third annual D.C. Food Tank Summit, Let’s Build a Better Food Policy.

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