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Alanna Wittet is a sustainability enthusiast with a keen interest in sustainable food systems and community development. She studied Environmental Studies at Franklin & Marshall College and has most recently been furthering her education by experiencing the world through various nomadic travels. Feel free to follow her adventures on Instagram: ehwittet

12 Ways the Tech Industry is Hacking Food Waste

Food waste technologies are helping producers, transporters, and consumers mitigate the quantity of food wasted along all steps of the food system, resulting in increased savings and reduced hunger in local and global communities.

Gans and Zied: Pasta Can be a Key Player in Modern, Well-Balanced Diet

According to Keri Gans and Elisa Zied, consumers should include pasta as a part of a healthy, well-balanced diet that has a low impact on the environment.

Inside the Grain Revolution and the Future of Bread

International Bread Symposium brings together grain revolution leaders to discuss consumer trends, advances in technology and technique, and the socioeconomic factors that are shaping the bread business.

20 Food Leaders Under 40

Whether they are combatting food waste, training the next generation of young farmers, or using media to capture the impacts of food production, these 20 food heroes are under 40 and actively shaking up today’s global and local food systems.

Oil Crops in the Tropics: Insight on their rise and forecasts for their future

Byerlee, Falcon, and Naylor’s new book explores the oil crop revolution in the tropics, providing insight on its drivers, the impacts of its production, and a look into its future.

Healthier Diet Links U.S. Food and Health Care Systems in Climate Change Mitigation

UCSB healthy diet study links diet change to greenhouse gas emissions reductions in U.S. food and health care systems.

Hundreds Join Sanctuary Restaurants Movement to Create Safe and Inclusive Spaces

Over one hundred restaurants have joined a Sanctuary Restaurant Movement in effort to create safe spaces free of hate and discrimination.

Transforming Lawns into Gardens

Justin Vandenbroeck and Fred Lake of Fleet Farming Oakland share their experience building a hyper-local food system powered by bike fleet and supported by community.

Successful Ebola Vaccine Could Shape the Future of Epidemic Prevention

The rVSV-ZEBOV trial ebola vaccine proves 100-percent effective in a recent study in Guinea, launching it into an accelerated approval process that could serve as a model for future epidemic prevention.

Panera Bread Bids Farewell to All Food Additives

Panera Bread is 100-percent additive free, marking the culmination of a many year process to eliminate its use of all artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

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