Aaron Mok
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Aaron Mok is a recent graduate from Binghamton University who studied Environmental Planning and Economics. He is interested in exploring urban agriculture, the intersection between climate and gender,race,and class, and global environmental justice movements. When he’s not contemplating our current state of environmental affairs, you can find him perusing his local plant stores and meandering nearby farmers markets in search for the best produce.

Integrating Sustainability Into Supply Chains—It Takes Data

Land’ O Lakes Tina May and Campbell’s Don Sonke discuss how agtech tool TruTerra Insights Engine is revolutionizing traditional farming.

Food Is the Cause—And Cure—For Health and Environment, Says Dr. Hyman

Physician and NY Times best selling author Dr.Mark Hyman joins NowThis reporter Lucy Biggers in a conversation on America’s food system’s linkages to health outcomes and the environment and offers a call-to-action on how we can fix it.