Jonathan Ribich
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Jonathan Ribich is a Research and Writing Intern at Food Tank. He earned a BS in Biology from the University of Wisconsin, where he focused on neurobiology and performed research for the School of Medicine and Public Health. After recognizing the importance of food as medicine, he shifted his focus and has spent over seven years working with food systems. His work has ranged from food security assessment in northwest Myanmar to school garden education in southeast Wisconsin, but consistently aims to increase access to the resources needed for a healthy life.

Community, Tradition, and Food Bring Health in The Kitchenistas Documentary

“The Kitchenistas” documentary shows that the journey to eating healthy requires a supportive community as much as it requires good food.

ReFED Launches New Tool to Track Funding Aimed at Food Waste

ReFED’s new tool allows users to follow trends in food waste reduction strategies and the financing that drives them.

Climate Change is Driving India’s Heat Waves, Increasing Wheat Prices

Climate change has increased the likelihood and intensity of heatwaves in India, forcing farmers to adapt.

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