Maya Osman-Krinsky
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Maya Osman-Krinsky (they/them/theirs) is a native New Yorker currently pursuing their B.A. in Linguistics and Global Studies at the University of Chicago. Maya is focusing their degree on the role of language in healthcare, and they plan to expand their passion for global public health into the realm of food justice. Maya is an active home cook and enthusiastic eater and hopes to use their love for food to further the conversation about what an equitable and sustainable food future could look like.

New Lesson Plans Aim to Find Solutions to Hunger

These 20 new lesson plans about world hunger for K-12 students have been designed to inspire youth to take action and help end food insecurity.

Chicago Grant Program Funds Farmers of Color

The Fresh Food from Farmers of Color Fund is a new grant program that funds farmers of color seeking to support their communities with locally-grown food.

Nigerian Chefs Work to Revive Indigenous Seasonings

Nigerian chefs Tunde Wey and Ozoz Sokoh are working to revive iru, an indigenous West African fermented seasoning.

New Orleans Healthy Snack Company Hopes to Make a Change

Brass Roots, a New Orleans-based snack company, is working to create healthy snacks while giving back to local youth groups and international farmers.

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