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McKenna is the Editorial Director for Food Tank. She holds an M.A. in Food and Agricultural Law and Policy from Vermont Law School and a B.S. in Public Communications from the University of Vermont. She currently resides in Ludlow, Vermont and enjoys yoga, snowboarding, hiking, and swimming in her free time.

Apply to the Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Sustainable Development!

The Earth Institute at Columbia University is seeking applicants for their Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Sustainable Development.

Harlem Grown’s Tony Hillery: “Education is the way out”

Tony Hillery founded Harlem Grown to address the health and academic challenges facing public elementary school students in Harlem.

Amy Keister: “I want to see more food going from farm to table”

Amy Keister, Vice President of Consumer Engagement for Compass Group North America, is inspired by the progress made to reduce food waste, yet humbled by the task at hand.

To change the world, “eat what you buy, and stop buying more than you’ll eat”

Jude Medeiros, Regional Vice President for Sodexo, is inspired to teach a new generation of sustainability advocates to create sustained change within the food system.

Re: Response to Tim Wise on Malawi Seed Policy

In response to the recent op-ed by Timothy Wise: Did Monsanto Write Malawi’s Seed Policy? Supply K. Chisi, Business Officer at the Seed Trade Association of Malawi responded to Food Tank.

Tune In: Danielle Nierenberg Speaks on the Global Citizens for the Future of Food Webinar

BCFN will host the Global Citizens for the Future of Food Webinar on September 21, 2017, from 10 to 11am EST (4 to 5pm CEST).

MUNCHIES Editor-in-Chief Helen Hollyman: “Call your representatives!”

Helen Hollyman spoke with Food Tank about the intersection between food and contemporary culture and our responsibilities as eaters within the context of climate change.

Diane Brady: “The only way to change the world is through partnerships “

In order to fix our food system, Diane Brady feels that more people must get involved in the process of creating food—from growing it to preparing it.

Emily Bachman: “What does it mean to throw something away?”

Emily Bachman challenges us to think about what it actually means to throw something away. Where is “away” and how does our waste get there? What does “away” look, smell, and feel like, now and in the future?

Fast Company’s Eillie Anzilotti: “We rely entirely too much on meat”

Eillie Anzilotti writes about issues in the hopes of bringing them to light, helping her readers understand what other people experience in their day-to-day lives.

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