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Morgan Murphy is a former Research & Writing Intern with Food Tank, as well as an aspiring herbalist, avid health researcher, and student. She is currently studying anthropology at New York University with a concentration in food studies, health, and policy, and is writing a thesis about organic regulation. Morgan has experience working with nonprofit organizations and works for an herb farmer at her local farmers market. Originally from Missouri, she resides in Brooklyn. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, cooking, dancing, and making DIY herbal products.

Transforming Food and Health in Native Communities Through Vertical Farming

7 Generations, an AgTech farm development country focused on Indian country, looks to indoor vertical farming and STEM education to foster a healthier food system and the next generation of agricultural businesses for Native communities.

New Documentary Explores the Impacts of Factory Farming

“Eating Animals,” a new documentary directed by Christopher Quinn, explores the economic, environmental, and health impacts of factory farming and its far-reaching effects on consumers, small farmers, and animals.

How Washington State is Helping to Grow the Next Generation of Farmers

Mia Gregerson, a State Representative for Washington State, discusses how youth will play a role in the next generation of farmers and policy makers.

“How can we make food policy more relevant to politicians?” Interview with Oregon’s Alexis Taylor

Director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Alexis Taylor, discusses the importance of youth in the food system, how individuals can help shape food policy, and her ties to agriculture and farming.

Ecotrust Vice President Amanda Oborne on Food System Reform

Ecotrust Vice President Amanda Oborne sat down with Food Tank to talk about building a better food system through policy and innovation.

Emily Zweber on Organic Farming, Sustainability, and the Next Generation of Farmers

Emily Zweber, an organic, sustainable dairy farmer, sat down with Food Tank to discuss changes in agriculture, the food system, and the role youth can play in transforming the landscape.

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