Regenerative Agriculture with Dr. Bronner’s

    Dr. Bronner’s is working to reverse negative environmental and social impacts associated with global agribusinesses. Dr. Bronner’s soaps are known to have 18-in-One uses, one use is to promote constructive capitalist through fair trade, organic principles, regenerative agriculture, worker’s rights, and animal welfare. 

    Dr. Bronner’s Helps Bring Better Opportunities to Farmers in India

    A sustainable soap company is paving the way for using sustainable agricultural practices which can be used to build a better food system.

    Through Regenerative Agriculture, Dr. Bronner’s Is Setting a New Example

    “We want to make sure that everyone who is involved in the production of our raw materials… that those lives are being respected and that labor is not being exploited,” says David Bronner on Food Talk.

    Hugh Jackman Doesn't Get Just Any Coffee, He Gets His Fair Trade

    “Coffee is a family business, and by family I also mean a community business, it relies on everybody.” Steingard explains, “Let’s affect not just the farmer and him or herself but also the family and the community.”

    “Know That We’re Interconnected” In Fighting Farmer Poverty, Says Theyer

    On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Executive Director of Fairtrade America Hans Theyer talks about what it takes to support the faces behind the world’s food.

    Ditch the Discounts This Coffee Day

    National Coffee Day in the United States is September 29. Choosing more sustainable options can support farmers and help drive demand for sustainable coffee. This year, Fairtrade America and Conservation International suggests celebrating coffee in a way that honors the people and the work that goes into it.

    This is the Story of a Soap Company that is Changing the World

    Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap is creating new markets for Fair Trade Organic products, and practicing dynamic agroforestry.

    Equal Exchange Shines Spotlight on Banana Farmers

    Fair trade company Equal Exchange, known for its chocolate and coffee, showcasing why small banana farmers are so important.

    The Fair Trade Campaigns Upcoming Conference to Feature Sustainability, Diversity, and Impact in Fair Trade

    The Fair Trade Campaigns Conference renews commitment of universities and communities to conducting operations with equity in trade in mind, opening up opportunities for marginalized producers.

    The Future of Coffee Depends on You(th)

    Farmers around the world are aging, and there are few young people prepared to take their place. Global food security will depend on cultivating the next generation of farmers.