Global Food Security During the War in Ukraine: Rising Prices and the Danger of Famine In Africa and Asia

The number of malnourished people may rise by more than 8 million in the coming year as a result of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

South Sudanese Fighting Famine

The United Nations declares famine in South Sudan—42 percent of population requires immediate aid—and requests US$4.4 billion to avoid catastrophe.

Food Tank Book of the Week: The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do to Avoid it

Julian Cribb illuminates what he calls, Humanity’s greatest test—how do we feed a growing population with less?

International Year of Family Farming: Forecasting Famine Could Prevent Great Hardship. Why Isn’t It?

Famine forecasting systems are more sophisticated and effective than ever, but a report from Chatham House shows that prediction isn’t leading to prevention.

Can Kenya’s Food Donation Policy Reduce Food Waste?

A new analysis shows how increasing food donation incentives can improve Kenya’s food donation policy.

USAID Pledges Nearly $1.3 Billion to Support Food Security in the Horn of Africa

The effects of the climate crisis, compounded by the rising costs of cost of food, fuel, and fertilizer, are threatening to drive rates of hunger even higher.

What Will Be the Most Effective Way of Overcoming the “Hurricane of Hunger”?

Soil degradation in sub-Saharan Africa is resulting in increasing rates of hunger.

Unblocking Ukrainian Seaports as a Tool to Overcome the Global Food Crisis

Unless action is taken to enable food exports from Ukraine, economist Vitalii Dankevych predicts that the world will see a humanitarian crisis.

New ‘Hunger Hotspots’ Report Identifies Drivers of Global Food Insecurity

Acute food insecurity is likely to deteriorate in 20 countries, requiring urgent humanitarian action.

20 Books About the Food System to Read this Fall

Food Tank is highlighting 20 books about culinary traditions, food policy, biodiversity, and more to read this Fall.

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