SXSW Panel: “How We Won! Legislation Cuts Food Waste & Hunger”

SXSW badge holders are invited to join us Saturday, March 11th 4:00-5:00PM CT in the Austin Marriott Downtown Waterloo Ballroom 1-2 for the official SXSW 2023 Panel, “How We Won! Legislation Cuts Food Waste & Hunger” moderated by Danielle Nierenberg. 

Food Donation Can Help Nigeria Fight Hunger and Cut Food Waste

The Global Food Donation Policy Atlas research shows Nigeria could benefit from improved food donation policies.

From Farm to Kitchen: Solutions to Address the “Low Hanging Fruit” of Food Loss and Waste

Everyone has a role to play in addressing food loss and waste, say experts at the U.N. Climate Change Conference.

Can Kenya’s Food Donation Policy Reduce Food Waste?

A new analysis shows how increasing food donation incentives can improve Kenya’s food donation policy.

12 Companies Turning Food Waste Into Fashion Statements

Meet the innovative companies turning food waste and agricultural byproducts into wearable goods.

Cutting Postharvest Food Loss and Waste

The Postharvest Education Foundation (PEF) supplies small and medium scale farmers with technologies to reduce food loss and waste.

Fighting Food Waste and Food Insecurity Through Legislation

During a recent event on Capitol Hill, lawmakers, policy experts, and advocates fighting food waste called on Congress to pass legislation that can help keep surplus food out of landfills and redirect it to those in need. The event was…

ReFED Launches New Tool to Track Funding Aimed at Food Waste

ReFED’s new tool allows users to follow trends in food waste reduction strategies and the financing that drives them.

New York State Act to Reduce Hunger and Food Waste

Advocates hope that New York’s size and visibility will add more momentum and help pass similar legislation targeting food waste and hunger across the country.

Fighting Food Waste & Insecurity Through the Food Donation Improvement Act

Join Food Tank and our partners July 12 on Capitol Hill in Washington DC as we fight food waste and insecurity through the Food Donation Improvement Act.

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