New York State Act to Reduce Hunger and Food Waste

Advocates hope that New York’s size and visibility will add more momentum and help pass similar legislation targeting food waste and hunger across the country.

Fighting Food Waste & Insecurity Through the Food Donation Improvement Act

Join Food Tank and our partners July 12 on Capitol Hill in Washington DC as we fight food waste and insecurity through the Food Donation Improvement Act.

Stepping Up to the Plate: The Private Sector’s Role in Fighting Food Waste

Organizations must consider actionable, easy to use solutions that they can introduce in their own kitchens to reduce food waste.

Finding Value in Waste: Identifying Solutions to End Food Loss and Waste

With accurate data, it’s possible to make significant reductions in food waste and protect the planet.

Companies Urge Congress to Help Fight Food Waste

If passed, the Food Donation Improvement Act can help to cut food waste and address food insecurity.

Food Waste Awareness Day

Join us September 29 for a panel discussion on food waste with Kerry Foods.

7 Tips to Slash Food Waste at Home

Food Tank is rounding up seven tips to help everyone fight food waste in their own homes.

ReFED Relaunches Digital Database to Combat Food Waste

ReFED updated its Food Waste Policy Finder, an online database of policy at the federal, state, and local levels pertaining to food waste prevention, recovery, and recycling.

Stop Food Waste Day

The Compass Group and Restaurant Associates created Stop Food Waste Day to further raise awareness of the global issue surrounding food waste. It is an international day of action, sharing education, and solutions that address food waste at the source, in professional kitchens, and at home. Food Tank’s Danielle Nierenberg will participate as a panelist in the discussion.

“Whether You Produce Food or Not, Food Waste Is Still Your Problem,” Says Niyeti Shah

At the Future of Food @ SXSW, panelists discussed the different types of innovation required to end food waste.

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