International Year of Family Farming: New Bill in India May Combat Rural Poverty with Micro-Plots

India’s Parliament will be voting soon on the National Right to Homestead Bill, part of the country’s latest Five Year Plan.

Back to School: 14 Initiatives Educating Youth About Agriculture

These 14 initiatives all over the world that are educating youth about agriculture, and creating a genuine interest in safe, sustainable, and healthy food.

Ethiopia’s Pricey Relationship with the Climate

The climate of Ethiopia is rapidly changing, exposing the country to more frequent, extreme weather events that will cost a hefty price.

South Africa: Despite Coke and KFC, New Pathways to Food Security and Food Justice?

South Africa’s urbanization has increased its citizens’ consumption of fast food and soda, creating many diet-related health problems.

The False Banana, Key to Food Security

Enset is a vital pulse crop in Ethiopia, contributing to food security through nutritional and caloric intake, as well as environmental sustainability.

Transforming the Food System in Australia – From the Ground Up

This guest post from the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) announces the launch of Australia’s first Fair Food Week.

Food Tank Book of the Week: The Permaculture Handbook by Peter Bane

Peter Bane, author of The Permaculture Handbook, took the time to speak with Food Tank about his book and his personal experiences with permaculture.

Food Hero: The FARM Institute Teaches the Next Generation to Care About Food

This week’s Food Hero, The FARM Institute, is building consciousness about food in the next generation.

International Year of Family Farming: Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Challenging Gender Roles

Bukonzo Joint is a member-owned coffee cooperative in Uganda that works to fight gender inequity and poverty in environmentally sustainable ways.

Mphatheleni Makualule Honored for her Work Reviving Indigenous Seeds in South Africa

Mphatheleni Makualule receives Global Leadership Award from the International Indigenous Women’s Forum for work with women in local South African communities