Nutrition Champion Awards 2013 Will Celebrate Unsung Heroes in the Field

Research to Action’s guest post announces that the Nutrition Champion Awards will celebrate the unsung heroes working in the nutrition development field.

Western Fast Food Chains Flourish in China, Rates of Obesity and Diabetes Skyrocket

As Western fast food grows more prevalent in China, so do rates of diabetes and excessive weight gain among children and adolescents.

Persistent Rates of Food Insecurity Worsen in Egypt

Deteriorating poverty and nutrition rates have increased the prevalence of food insecurity, potentially risking political stability in the short term.

118 Twitter Feeds Every Food Activist Needs to Follow

Food Tank has chosen 118 Twitter accounts for those involved in the food movement, or anyone who just wants to know more about the food system.

Seeds of Change: How One Small Seed Company in the Big City is Making a Difference

Rooftop Ready Seeds offer locally cultivated seeds to New York City gardens and farms

Food & Water Watch Report Links Genetically Engineered Crops to Increased Pesticide Use

A new Food & Water Watch report links increased cultivation of genetically engineered crops to greater use of pesticides in combating “superweeds.”

Saying Yes to Women’s Empowerment with BlueAvocado

BlueAvocado is a sustainable business empowering women micro-entrepreneurs across the world.

Food Hero: The Sylvia Center: Childhood Education from Farm to Fork

This week’s Food Hero, The Sylvia Center, engages youth in food education from farm to fork.

International Year of Family Farming: Five Initiatives Supporting Indigenous Farmers

Indigenous smallholder farmers have a significant impact on biodiversity and natural resource conservation.

Nordic Council of Ministers Calls for Advertisements to Create Mass Awareness of Food Waste

Creative foodies and conscious marketers – enter ad competition and raise mass awareness of food waste.