The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy’s New President: Juliette Majot

Join The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in welcoming Juliette Majot as their new president.

Food Desert to Healthy Oasis and Sustainable Green Job Creation

Hydroponic farming can literally change the trajectory of chronic poor nutrition.

Innovation for Sustainability: Chicken Tractors, a Simple Innovation with a Big Payoff

The chicken tractor is a sustainable, humane, cost-effective, and fun way for farmers to integrate chickens into an agro-ecological system.

Local Progress Towards a Global Solution: Learning Gardens

Learning Gardens, experiential outdoor garden-classrooms, prove to be worthwhile educational investment.

Skyscraper Farms Will Take Urban Agriculture to New Heights

Growing up may bear fruit in the fruit in the future. Skyscraper farms can be a reality.

Indigenous Crop: Dika – On the Brink of Domestication

The dika tree is only found in Western Africa. Known for its seeds, the dika tree also provides shade in the heat and humidity.

INFOGRAPHIC: How Thirsty Is Your Food?

When it comes to water use, plants are not created equal. Here’s how much water some of California’s major crops require.

Food Hero: Sasha Kramer, How SOIL Works at the Nexus of Human Rights and Ecology

Sasha Kramer, Co-founder of Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods, works to transform human waste into growing tool

Is Big Food really the next Big Tobacco? New proposals want to hold food manufacturers accountable.

Is Big Food the next Big Tobacco when it comes to holding the food industry accountable for health care costs?

Cool Foods Campaign’s Food & Climate: Connecting the Dots, Choosing the Way Forward

In the face of a changing climate, perhaps organic agriculture was once viewed as “alternative” deserves another look.

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