New Report hits home: No one will be untouched by climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released it’s 5th International Assessment on the impacts of climate change.

Fighting Poaching Means Fighting Poverty – Conservation Farming in Zambia

A company in Zambia is fighting biodiversity loss and poverty while improving food security with ‘conservation farming’.

Indigenous Crop: The Golden Nugget Squash

The Golden Nugget squash, which also known as the oriental pumpkin, is part of the Cucurbita maxima family.

Where it’s Needed Most: Wallace Center Ensures Delivery

New means of distribution moves healthy food to long deprived places.

Food Hero: HK Seo — Mass Digital Consulting for Small Farmers

Social-networking service, Avaaj Otalo (AO), connects university research methods to rural farming areas

Cesar Chavez, an American Hero

Here are five critical campaigns fighting for the rights of workers in the food system and continuing Chavez’s legacy for social justice and fair wages for all.

Think.Eat.Save Gives the Tone

The U.N. Environment Program’s Think.Eat.Save campaign is working to decrease food waste.

Coalition Building Supports a Healthier Community

Healthy changes are the result of community collaboration in DuPage County in Illinois, U.S.

Abalimi Bezekaya – A replicable model for a sustainable food system

Abalimi Bezekaya: a successful model for a solution against poverty and hunger.

Innovation for Sustainability: The Groasis Waterboxx fights desertification, one tree at a time.

The Groasis Waterboxx reclaims land lost to desertification by creating a microclimate for young trees.