Regressions in Decision-Making and Policy-Setting Procedures Pertaining to Animal Farming

The Center for a Livable Future released its analysis of the impact of the Pew Commission’s report and recommendations. The findings are shocking.

When Less is More; Farmers Are Reaping the Benefits of No-till Agriculture

No-till agriculture can help farmers reduce erosion, improve soil quality, and sequester carbon in soils.

Family Farmers in the Philippines Knock at Hotel Door

Doing business in the Philippines can be different, especially when trying to introduce a totally new concept- Farm to Hotel marketing.

10 Exciting Urban Agriculture Projects in Philadelphia

Looking for ways to get involved in some great urban agriculture in the City of Brotherly Love? Check out these projects that we love!

DooF, Making Food Fun Again

DooF provides an interactive way for users to be engaged by food that is suitable for children, parents, and anyone else interested in food at any time.

Mushrooms substituted for meat? This new weight management trick is proven to help cut calories!

A recent study suggests using mushrooms in place of meat will help reduce one day’s calorie count by 123 calories.