Is Sharing Seeds Illegal in Your State?

The legality of community seed libraries has come into question across the country following the USDA’s investigation of the Simpson Seed Library.

Turnips Have Never Looked So Good

A rare variety of Vermont turnip is the star of this indigenous recipe spotlight.

Edible Business Conference Unites the Food Chain

The Food Lab at Stony Brook Southampton, N.Y., is hosting the inaugural Edible Business conference this June.

21 Food and Agriculture Organizations Fighting Climate Change

These 21 organizations are taking the lead in the global effort to fight climate change in the food system.

From Blight to Beauty: 10 Urban Agriculture Projects in Detroit

Detroiters turn to urban farming to revitalize their blighted city. Food Tank highlights the city’s top urban agriculture projects.

Big Head Farm has a Big Idea to Revolutionize Farmer Support

Food Tank recently interviewed Karen Warner of Big Head Farms about One Million Seeds, her innovative model that will support small and mid-sized farmers.

“Brewing” Change for Small-Scale Coffee Farmers

Through Project Alianza, Nicagaruan smallholders benefit from higher prices and sustainable management practices.

Nepalese Earthquake Victims In Desperate Need of Food Aid

A major earthquake in Nepal has left 1.4 million people in need of food assistance.

Dachas, Small Countryside Properties, Are Essential to Feeding Russia

The Russian dachas are changing from farmland to weekend hideaway with increasing popularity—and reduced self-sufficiency.

Will France Mainstream “le doggy-bag”?

The French take their food seriously—and now, this spring’s significant cultural and political shifts have confirmed they don’t look too kindly on wasting it.

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