Awareness to Action: Representative Pingree’s Food Recovery Act

U.S. Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s introduction of the Food Recovery Act marked a culmination and a commencement in the fight against wasted food.

Collaboration in Higher Education: An Interview with Doug Lantagne of UVM’s Food Systems Initiative

At the University of Vermont (UVM), students and professors from varied disciplines come together with community members across the state to study food systems.

Making California Resilient with Ecology Center

Ecology Center takes on food justice and the drought crisis in California.

The Costs and Benefits of Agriculture

Organizations around the world are working to estimate the true value of environmental services provided by farmers.

Rethinking Sugary Foods and Desserts with Chef Emily Luchetti

Pastry chef Emily Luchetti calls for a rethinking of American perspectives towards sugary foods and desserts.

STAG VETS Showcases Veterans in Culinary and Agriculture

STAG VETS is a veterans program and business designed to train and employ veterans in culinary arts and agriculture.

35 Google+ Accounts to Follow

Food Tank has rounded up a list of 35 Google+ accounts of organizations you should follow.

Arabella Advisors Channels the Power of Food Philanthropists

A new food philanthropy consultancy will tap into exploding interest in impact investment to transform the food system from farm to fork.

Tackling Climate Change and Fighting Hunger Should Go Hand-in-Hand

Climate-related disasters contribute heavily to economic losses and population displacement, while the world population continues to grow.

“Grow Your Own and Share With Everyone You Know”

The Growing Project is addressing food security in Northern Colorado by increasing access to local produce into the community.

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