Improving Food Access in Minnesota

Second Harvest Heartland and Hennepin County Medical Center combine efforts to address food insecurity and chronic disease in Minnesota.

Farmer Spotlight: Helena Sylvester Farms Sustainably for the Next Generation

Farmer Helena Sylvester of Sunol, CA loves working outside with the wind on her face and the sun on her back.

Groundbreaking New Book: Eating Planet

The publication addresses three paradoxes in the food system—food waste, the coexistence of malnutrition and obesity, and the overuse of natural resources.

A New Way to Think About Fast Food

Chefs Roy Choi and David Patterson opened a new fast food restaurant in Los Angeles, CA.

Lowering Meat Consumption, Reducing the Impacts of Climate Change

Chatham House researchers encourage the global community to eat less meat to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Study Finds that Smallholder Farmers Need More Support to Adopt Conservation Agriculture Practices

A study of the adoption of conservation agriculture in Paraguay identifies challenges faced by small-scale farmers in its sustained implementation.

Eating Local: The Benefits of Local Procurement in Emergency Response

There’s still room for improvement in the local and regional procurement of food aid.

Fighting for Recognition: The Role of Women on Sri Lankan Tea Plantations

Women working on Sri Lankan tea plantations are fighting for recognition.

Local Food Fuels Rural Main Street Mojo

Small Kentucky downtown wakes up with economic stimulus from local food.

Culinary Comics: 10 Comics as Delicious as they are Delightful

These delectable comics will satisfy any appetite. Pick one up and expand your palate for both the culinary and sequential arts.