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Caroline Kamm is a graduate student at the University of Toronto, where her research focuses on North American rural development and local food networks. She is the co-founder of the Fresh Data Network, a start-up building a platform to map local food systems, and in 2017 she launched the documentary series The Food Less Traveled.

Caroline received her bachelor's degree in Human Geography from the University of Toronto, where she fell in love with food and farming issues. During her time there, she carried out two independent research projects, first biking across Belgium to interview family farmers, and then writing a thesis on food movements in Mexico.  

New Video Series Explores Local Food Initiatives Across North America

This 10-part documentary series highlights the work of the farmers, small-businesses, and food advocates that are building stronger and healthier food communities. Read about this filmmaker’s experience of traveling 4,800 kilometers from Monterrey, Mexico, to Toronto, Canada, interviewing the heroes of North American local food.

MicroGen Biotech: Tackling Pollutants in Soil

Food Tank speaks with Dr. Xuemei Germaine, founder of MicroGen Biotech, about the microbial products they are developing to increase crop yields, improve the crop safety, and promote soil health. MicroGen is working to address the health risks of soil pollutants through their patented platform technology.

Celebrating 21 Food Heroes for a Lifetime of Work

Food Tank is recognizing a lifetime of work by 21 food heroes. Whether it is developing more sustainable growing practices, feeding the hungry, or mentoring the next generation of advocates, these farmers, advocates, and innovators are working into their older years to building a better food system.

Social Enterprise Accelerator Takes Aim at Hunger

The Good Kitchen provides funding, businesses support, and mentorship to social enterprises that are working to address “food poverty.” This businesses accelerator was launched in 2016, as an initiative of the KellyDeli Foundation, and is currently working with the first round of five startups to help their innovations reach the market.

22 Women Fighting for Food System Change

Women around the world are pushing the food system to become more sustainable, equitable, and innovative. Food Tank assembled a list of 22 inspiring women farmers, entrepreneurs, and advocates who are changing the food system for the better.

Food Tank’s Summer Reading List: 17 Books to Beat the Heat

Food Tank has compiled 17 books for food lovers of all kinds to enjoy the summer with some fresh reading materials. From issues like climate change and hunger, all the way to permaculture and the power of worms, this list features key voices and ideas in food today.

BlueCart Uses Efficient Supply Chains to Cut Food Waste

Food Tank spoke with Konstantin Zvereff and Jag Bansal, the co-founders of BlueCart, to talk about this mobile and web-based platform for wholesale food purchase. After noticing that their users were leveraging supply chain efficiency to reduce their own food waste, BlueCart has launched an initiative called Zero Waste Kitchen to promote sustainable practices in the kitchen.

Maker Faire Bay Area: Engaging All Ages in Food Innovation

Food Tank spoke with Chiara Checchini of the Food Future Institute about the upcoming Maker Faire Bay Area event. This interactive event brings together fifteen food entrepreneurs to give attendees a hands on experience with food innovation. This family-friendly event is designed to engage attendees of all ages in the creative solutions to major challenges in the food system.

Nutrient Density: How Does Your Food Measure Up?

Food Tank spoke with Dan Kittredge, founder of the Bionutrient Food Association, about the work they do with farmers to establish more nutrient dense growing practices. The organization is currently developing a standard, and a handheld tool, to measure nutrient density in foods. They hope by doing so they can empower consumers to reward farmers for better growing practices.

FAO Family Farming Platform Seeks an Informed Policy Debate

Food Tank speaks with Francesco Pierri, Head of the U.N. Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) Advocacy Unit, about the Family Farming Knowledge Platform. This online platform seeks to collect information on international, regional, and national regulations and laws that are relevant to family farmers around the world.

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