Caroline Kamm

Research and Writing Intern

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Caroline Kamm received her bachelor’s degree in Human Geography from the University of Toronto, where she fell in love with agriculture and food issues. During her time there, Caroline carried out two independent research projects, first biking across Belgium to interview family farmers, and next studying food movements in Mexico. In 2015, Caroline co-founded the Fresh Data Network, a start-up that is developing an app for consumers to connect with local food producers and markets.

She currently lives in Monterrey, Mexico where she is building her business, continuing to work with farming organizations, and exploring the wonders of Mexican food.

Belgian Dairy Coop Takes on the Milk Crisis

Hundreds of European farmers gathered in protest at the EU Summit Centre in response to the proposed sale of cheap powdered milk on the global market. One of the participating organizations, a Belgian milk cooperative called Fairebel, has established a sister coop in Burkina Faso to help local dairy