Lynda McCullough
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Lynda McCullough is a health writer and yoga teacher living in Loveland, Colorado. The local food movement in Fort Collins, Colorado, introduced her to community supported agriculture and inspired her to follow, then write for Food Tank.

These Two People Want to Change the World Through Cooking and Food Choices

The Cookbook Project challenges youth in the developing world to remember their food heritage.

Farm Radio International Gets Farmers Talking and Thriving

Farm Radio International uses radio and mobile phones to educate farmers and get them talking.

Camden Children’s Garden Brings Fresh Food to New Jersey’s Biggest Food Desert

Camden Children’s Garden is bringing fresh food and youth development to New Jersey’s biggest food desert.

The Cooperative Story of Beef in New York State

Watch as small-scale rural farmers in New York State work together to sell beef in the big city.

Beard Foundation Continues to Foster Culinary Arts while Addressing Obesity and Health

Beard Foundation spreads culinary culture and works with chefs to spread health through good food.

Victory Gardens DC is Growing Food and Community

A DC husband and wife start Victory Gardens DC in their own backyard.

Addressing Wages and Working Conditions for Restaurant Workers: ROC United Makes Inroads

ROC United campaigns, provides job training and conducts research in support of better conditions for restaurant workers.

Windy City Harvest a Force in Chicago’s Local Food and Urban Farming Efforts

Windy City Harvest Program provides food, education and jobs to many in Chicago.

Resettling America with a Focus on Land Use: An Interview with Mary Berry

Berry Center draws on knowledge, experience, and partnerships to address modern farming problems with good land use in mind.

Sunrise Ranch Permaculture Design Course Based on Original Curriculum

Sunrise Ranch intentional community has a long history of practicing sustainable agriculture and teaching permaculture design.

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