Public Health

Educating the Next Generation of Food Activists: An Interview With Dr. Amy Allen-Chabot

Dr. Amy Allen-Chabot talks to Food Tank about the important role education plays in creating a sustainable food system.

Dr. Vandana Shiva Forms Coalition in Opposition to ‘Allow Golden Rice’ Campaign

In the midst of a pro-GMO campaign tour of Southeast Asia, Dr. Vandana Shiva has formed a coalition of advocates for biodiversity to reject Golden Rice.

Waste Not, Want Not: Filmmakers Live on Wasted Food in Challenging New Documentary

In the new documentary “Just Eat It,” premiering April 22 on MSNBC, two filmmakers take on food waste by living exclusively on rescued food for six months.

New Report Finds Life-Changing Partnerships in the Global Food Chain

A new report released by The Chicago Council shows making nutrition a global priority could give billions more people access to healthy foods.

Fizzling Controversy: Soda Tax South of the Border

The numbers are in on Mexico’s soda tax. Can the United States follow suit?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Recipe for Disaster?

The Obama administration’s negotiations with multinational corporations could lead to a bad deal for local food systems.

High Food Prices and Obesity in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans spend around 30 percent of their annual income on food and drinks and obesity rates reach 70 percent.

Wholesome Wave Receives US$3.77 Million Grant from USDA to Improve Affordable Food Access

Wholesome Wave announced they received a US$3.77 million, three-year grant to increase affordable access of fruits and vegetables in the United States.

Advocates Urge Dietary Guidelines that are Good for Public Health and the Environment

For the first time ever, sustainability has been included in the 2015 Expert Panel’s Scientific report.

Prescribing Good Food for Better Health

Dr. P.K. Newby is on a mission to encourage health and sustainability through nutrition.