To Change Our Food Systems ‘We Need The Political Will.’

This country making important progress in some policy areas, while other aspects of the food system remain tricky to transform. That’s why we all have to roll up our sleeves and get to work, bringing a better food system to life.

Biden-Harris Administration Releases National Strategy to Cut Food Waste and Boost Recycling, with Agency Collaboration

The Biden-Harris Administration, with the support of government agencies, released a strategy to halve food waste by 2030, boost recycling, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Native Farm Bill Coalition Advocates for Priorities in Farm Bill

The Native Farm Bill Coalition emphasizes equitable and accessible USDA resources as a key priority in the upcoming Farm Bill.

Let’s Make 2024 the Year of Food is Medicine!

Successful food is medicine programs must be based in meaningful partnerships, building bridges across sectors, and centering community expertise.

What to Expect from the Latest Farm Bill Negotiations

Is it such a bad thing if lawmakers can’t come to an agreement on a 2024 Farm Bill? Maybe not, says Eric Kessler.

Yes, it’s Still Farm Bill Season. Here’s What You Need to Know about the Future of Food Policy

The House and the Senate have released competing Farm Bills. Can they reach a consensus?

Op-Ed | Congress Must Pass the Vital Farm Bill to Address Food Security

The Farm Bill is a vital legislative package responsible for funding everything from farm subsidies to SNAP benefits to international food aid.

Progress in The Food System Means Empowering Eaters—Today and for Generations to Come

Empowered eaters are at the center of conversations on land justice, healthier school foods, food is medicine, procurement, and more.

Where Are You Reading This? That’s Where Food System Transformation Is Happening

Every step forward is a win: a win for producers, a win for eaters, a win for the planet. 

Mexico’s Precaution on GM Corn Safety Is Justified

The government of the U.S. and Canadian are using the USMCA to challenge Mexico’s efforts to ban the use of genetically modified corn.

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