Forum to Craft Policy Proposals for EU-Wide Transition to Sustainable Farming

    The EU Food and Farming Forum on May 29–30, 2018 gathers food leaders in Brussels to create a Plan B to EU agricultural policies.

    Will the 2018 Farm Bill Address the Long-Term Needs of Small Farmers?

    The Farm Bill Law Enterprise’s series of reports call upon Congress to diversify the agricultural economy, improve food access and nutrition, and encourage productivity and risk management in new farm bill.

    Rebuilding Agricultural Subsidies from the Ground Up

    Greater use of improved seed and fertilizer will not be enough for sustainable farming systems in Africa, according to new article on fertilizer subsidy programs.

    Op-ed: Can Grocery Stores Teach Farmers How to Be More Sustainable?

    While U.S. retailers have struggled to create policies that drive sustainability on the farm, a recent Stanford study reports on the success of one South African retailer.

    How Washington State is Helping to Grow the Next Generation of Farmers

    Mia Gregerson, a State Representative for Washington State, discusses how youth will play a role in the next generation of farmers and policy makers.

    Ernesto Fonseca: Affordability and Access for Low-Income Communities

    Ernesto Fonseca, CEO of Hacienda CDC, highlights the plight of low-income communities in accessing and affording healthy, sustainable food options.

    New Leadership May Solve Old Problems in Our Food System: Interview with Vanessa Garcia Polanco

    Vanessa Garcia Polanco grabbed a seat at the table—how other emerging leaders can claim one to make their visions of the food system into reality.

    Vicki Wilde on Empowering Women through Agriculture

    Vicki Wilde, senior program officer at the Gates Foundation, explains the importance of women’s role in the agriculture sector and the need to ensure that their voices are heard.

    Mara Fleishman: School Food as “More Than Filling Bellies”

    Mara Fleishman, CEO of the Chef Ann Foundation, tells Food Tank about her inspiration, her work helping schools adopt cook-from-scratch programming, and her vision for the future of school food in America.

    More Investment in Small-Scale Agriculture Needed

    A new report by international network More and Better provides an overview of global investments in agriculture, stating that more investment in sustainable small-scale agriculture in needed.