Why Is Obesity Soaring? The answer is more complex than human behavior

A recently published article in the New York Times suggests we should invest as many research dollars in understanding the biology of obesity as we do behavior.

Niman is a Pig’s Best Friend

Niman offers the convenience of ordering from a larger brand with the conscience of knowing the animals lived better lives.

Farm to School: Putting Some Crunch in Your Lunch

A simple idea that has a big impact, farm to school brings local produce into school lunch programs and gives children an extra crunch in their lunch.

This land is our land: The struggle for land rights in Papua New Guinea

Oakland Institute’s report, On Our Land: Modern Land Grabs Reversing Independence in Papua New Guinea, documents one of the largest land grabs in recent history

Get Rid of the ‘Food Desert’ Label

The movement to eradicate food deserts would benefit from, of all things, banishment of the term food desert.

Papaya for Haiya: Philippine Farmers Post-Taiphoon

Local family farm set up a pickling day- Operation: Papaya for Haiyan- to produce jars of pickled papaya to be sold with proceeds to benefit victims of Haiyan!

Seeds Define the South’s Legacy

For the Southern Seed Legacy, seeds are the key to the region’s heritage.

Veteran-Veterinarian Combines Skills as Food Safety Consultant for Farmer Veteran Coalition

Michele Pfannenstiel uses her unique background in the army and veterinary medicine to fill a niche as food safety consultant for Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC)

Agriculture, Like the Rest of Society, Needs Gender Equity

Research of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network has found that women must overcome gender barriers when engaging in decision-making about their land.

Enset Leads to Better Physical and Financial Health For Women

Enset is a staple crop common to Southern Ethiopia traditionally harvested by women and may be an integral part of a solution to food security.