10 Urban Agriculture Projects from Europe’s Greenest City: Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is historically one of the most environmentally-conscious cities in all of Europe. Food Tank highlights ten urban agriculture projects in Freiburg.

Is Sustainable Farm-Raised Salmon Possible?

Verlasso has developed a way to farm-raise salmon with more sustainable methods.

PlantCatching is the Airbnb of Gardening

It’s not always easy to get into gardening when living in a city. PlantCatching has been created to help gardeners connect and overcome this difficulty.

Women in Ecuador Overcome Barriers in Family Nutrition and Farming

A new initiative in Ecuador is feeding malnourished families while supporting local women smallholder farmers.

Chicago Council: “Something Needs To Change, It’s Time To Rethink Water”

Chicago Council’s Global Food Security Symposium’s panel on “Water Stresses and Global Food Security” focused on current water stresses effecting food security.

Chicago Council: How To Protect Our Food Supply in the Face Of Climate Change

Today’s panelists weighed in on how to protect food supplies and secure farmer’s incomes when faced with changing climates.

GFAR Report Finds that Strengthening Farmers’ Rights Can Prevent Food Insecurity

GFAR finds that Guatemalan farmers seek inclusion in local and national discussions about their rights and the future of seed preservation.

Chicago Council: “We Can’t Talk About Climate Change Without Talking About Family Farmers”

“Climate-Smart Food Security” panel addressed the role of family farmers in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Chicago Council: Harnessing Disruptive Technologies for Agricultural Gains

At the Chicago Council’s Global Food Security Symposium, four speakers participated in lightning presentations to discuss technology in agriculture.

Food Security and Climate Change: “No One Will Escape the Consequences”

A report released today by the Chicago Council, addressing food security in a changing climate, calls for immediate and enduring action from the United States.