Food Tank’s Summer 2016 Reading List

Food Tank has hand picked 16 books that educate, inform, and inspire us in a wide range of topics.

Big Food Changes Direction on GMOs

Major food companies, such as General Mills and Mars, Inc., opt to implement GMO labels for all U.S. products.

Is it Possible to Grow Spinach Locally and Year-Round?

How can we grow spinach year-round while conserving land, water, and food miles? Check out this How Does it Grow episode to find out.

The First 1,000 Days by Roger Thurow: Eliminating Global Malnutrition 1,000 Days at a Time

Roger Thurow’s The First 1,000 Days follows 12 women from 4 countries as they struggle to provide the best care for their babies in the crucial first 1000 days.

Research Shows Organic Agriculture Boosts Local Economies

The Organic Trade Association released research showing that organic agriculture boosts local economies.

Singer-Songwriter Jack Johnson Is Teaching Kids About Food and Food Waste

Jack Johnson\’92s environmental education foundation is helping to change how food waste is managed in Hawaii by educating students.

Plate of the Union Wants YOU to Take Action

American voters can take action and encourage the next President to fix the broken food system.

Open Agriculture Initiative: Is Digital Farming the Future of Food?

MIT Open Agriculture Initiative is on a mission to digitalize agriculture using desktop Personal Food Computers and carefully engineered climate recipes.

New Study Finds Potential Health Benefits of Consuming Organic Meats and Milk

A new meta-analysis finds that omega-3 intake from organic animal products might confer measurable health benefits.

Putting “Dollars on the Data:” Map the Meal Gap Report Sheds Light on Food Insecurity in U.S.

The 2016 Map the Meal Gap report provides sobering data about food insecurity and food assistance at the local level in the United States.

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