Policy and Organizing

Lowering Meat Consumption, Reducing the Impacts of Climate Change

Chatham House researchers encourage the global community to eat less meat to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Study Finds that Smallholder Farmers Need More Support to Adopt Conservation Agriculture Practices

A study of the adoption of conservation agriculture in Paraguay identifies challenges faced by small-scale farmers in its sustained implementation.

Eating Local: The Benefits of Local Procurement in Emergency Response

There’s still room for improvement in the local and regional procurement of food aid.

Fighting for Recognition: The Role of Women on Sri Lankan Tea Plantations

Women working on Sri Lankan tea plantations are fighting for recognition.

Growing the Local Food Economy of Denver as a Community

Grow Local Colorado is promoting local food, local economy, and local community throughout Denver, CO.

10 Food Policy Questions We Want Answered From the 2016 Presidential Candidates

These are the 10 food policy questions that every 2016 presidential candidate needs to answer.

New Law Could Change France’s Food System for the Better

French Parliament has voted in favor of a law that could revolutionize their food system.

Eliminating Toxic Pesticides from Our Food and Environment

Beyond Pesticides is bringing pesticide policy reform to Washington, D.C.

Misguided Dietary Guidelines?

The new Dietary Guidelines disappoint nutrition experts who had hoped for sustainability recommendations.

Pilot Study Finds Diet Management at Food Banks Improves Diabetes among Low-Income Populations

A recent study determined that the targeted management of diabetes and diet among low-income populations at food banks resulted in disease improvement.