Policy and Organizing

Reducing Global Food Waste to Save Billions

A global effort to reduce food waste will not only help the environment, but it will also save billions of dollars.

24 Ways Chefs are Cooking up Change Outside of the Kitchen

Chefs have a unique part to play in making the food system more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and delicious.

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Food Waste

On World Environment Day 2015, join Food Tank and BCFN in putting an end to food waste around the world.

Slow Living Summit 2015: Explore the Journey of Food

This summer, learn how redefining community can help us create a more sustainable and equitable food system.

Milan Expo 2015: Six Months to Define a New Food Agenda

The 2015 Milan Expo began in May and for the first time in the Expo’s history, nutrition and sustainable food will be at the center of the debate.

Attention U.S. Government: Farming is a Public Service!

Farming is a public service, and the federal government should treat this vocation as such, says farmer Steven Waldman.

The Child Care System Fails Parents Who Work Nonstandard Hours

The rapidly rising cost of child care in the United States is becoming a bigger affordability crisis then higher education.

300 Million People at Risk as a Result of Land Grabs

April 22nd is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day and the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition is encouraging a renewed commitment to sustainable agriculture.

New Report Finds Life-Changing Partnerships in the Global Food Chain

A new report released by The Chicago Council shows making nutrition a global priority could give billions more people access to healthy foods.

Fizzling Controversy: Soda Tax South of the Border

The numbers are in on Mexico’s soda tax. Can the United States follow suit?