Justin Kamine: “Society needs to move toward the notion of a circular economy”

Justin Kamine, Co-Founder and Partner of KDC Ag, believes looking to nature to form large scale infrastructure solutions is the quickest and most effective way eliminate food waste.

Women’s Empowerment Is Central to Food and Nutrition Security

BCFN Alumni Gianna Bonis-Profumo research explores the link between women’s empowerment in agriculture and household nutrition outcomes in Timor-Leste.

Clare Miflin on Weaving Together Urban and Natural Design Systems

Clare Miflin founded Woven, a consultancy dedicated to weaving together urban and natural systems; metrics and vision; people and place, creating whole system designs that reduce material consumption.

BlueCart’s CEO on Democratizing Technology for Food System Change

BlueCart seeks to democratize technology, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from it, allowing buyers and sellers to focus on the essence of their industry: hospitality.

Harlem Grown’s Tony Hillery: “Education is the way out”

Tony Hillery founded Harlem Grown to address the health and academic challenges facing public elementary school students in Harlem.

Diane Brady: “The only way to change the world is through partnerships “

In order to fix our food system, Diane Brady feels that more people must get involved in the process of creating food—from growing it to preparing it.

Lynette Johnson: It is our responsibility to share with those in need

Lynnette Johnson talks about the influences that shaped her views on the food system and the incorrect characterization that Earth’s resources are a zero sum game.

Jocelyn Zuckerman: “The most important topic is the health of the planet.”

Jocelyn Zuckerman talks about those who have inspired her career in journalism, and how she passes on her passion to consumers, compelling them to fight for food system change.

Brian Wansink: “Small changes can make huge differences”

Brian Wansink discusses the big picture of food system change and how breaking our biggest issues into more manageable focus point can create long term positive changes for us all.

Two Farmer Cooperatives in Arkansas are Helping Fight Food Insecurity One Farmer at a Time

Two farmer cooperatives in Arkansas, New South Co-op and Grassroots Co-op, are helping fight food insecurity in a region where 20 percent of families go hungry

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