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    Jared Kaufman is a Research and Writing Fellow with Food Tank and a Boston-based food journalist and cheesemonger. He’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in gastronomy at Boston University with an emphasis in food policy, and he holds a magazine journalism degree from the University of Missouri. He’s originally from Minneapolis and drinks an immense amount of coffee. Follow him on Twitter @jaredography.

    David Nabarro Aims to Equip Leaders to Meet U.N. Sustainability Goals

    “If [4SD] can work on food systems, we believe it can work on many other areas of human endeavor,” says founder and World Food Prize laureate David Nabarro.

    GREEN Foundation is Reversing Negative Effects of the Green Revolution

    The Green Revolution promoted industrialized growing of high-yield crops to prevent hunger. In India, though, this destroyed biodiversity. Now, the GREEN Foundation is working to restore indigenous farming there.

    Meet the Minneapolis Cider Maker Tackling Food Waste by Crowdsourcing His Apples

    Urban Forage, a cider house in Minneapolis, picked 16,000 pounds of apples that would’ve been wasted last year, and used them to make their sustainable apple cider.

    Food Network Chef Justin Warner Talks Food System, Sustainability, Tiny Cabbage

    Food Tank talks with Food Network chef Justin Warner about sustainability, cooking around the world, and how Food Network avoids wasting ingredients.

    Farmers Claim Drift Problems Persist After Two States Banned Herbicide Dicamba

    Farmers in nearly a dozen states are complaining about dicamba, the primary ingredient of a new Monsanto herbicide, blowing into their fields and allegedly ruining their crops.

    Conservationist Danielle Fox: Without Monarch Butterflies, “We Really Are in Bad Shape”

    Food Tank spoke with Danielle Fox, the community conservationist for the city of Columbia, Missouri, to get her take on what we can do to save monarch butterflies and why it’s worth doing.

    Sombra Mezcal Founder Richard Betts Talks Sustainable Alcohol Distillation

    Richard Betts, founder of the sustainable Sombra Mezcal distillery: “Food and drink unite and enliven us, and mezcal is an especially exuberant spirit.”

    Trump’s Regulatory Rollback Could Reshape the Food System

    President Trump’s budget proposal cuts SNAP and farmers’ insurance, and he’s talked about rolling back federal regulations. Food Tank talked to experts to figure out what effect the Trump Administration might have on federal food policy.

    Danielle Nierenberg Talks Big Agriculture on Nourishing Millions Podcast

    Danielle Nierenberg talks about why corporatization is bigger than “Big Ag” on this week’s International Food Policy Research Institute’s Nourishing Millions podcast.

    Stay Awake for This: Climate Change Is Putting Your Morning Coffee in Danger

    Warmer temperatures and long droughts might make caffeine harder to come by. The effects of climate change could cause Arabica coffee to be extinct in Ethiopia by 2080.