Farming Pioneer Joel Salatin’s Secrets to Reconnecting with Your Food

Polyface Farm is simple in its complexity. By working with nature, Joel Salatin has had a positive impact on the food chain.

Milk With Dignity: Farmworkers Reach Important Agreement with Ben & Jerry’s

Farmworkers that provide labor for Vermont’s dairy farms reached a critical step in the Milk With Dignity campaign.

A Future in Farming: An Interview with World Food Prize Youth Institute Participant Melissa Garcia

Inspired by experiences at the World Food Prize’s Iowa Youth Institute, Melissa Garcia pursues a path in agriculture.

In Cages and Pastures: Sonia Faruqi’s New Book Takes a Closer Look at Animal Agriculture

Sonia Farqui’s new book takes a deeper look into animal agriculture and what it means for people and the planet.

20 organizzazioni che si battono per un uso più responsabile degli antibiotici in agricoltura

L’uso di antibiotici per l’allevamento e l’agricoltura può essere più dannoso di quanto si pensi: ecco 20 organizzazioni che si stanno impegnando contro di esso

The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey: A Look at Agriculture’s Past as a Blueprint for the Future

Food Tank speaks with Alan Guebert and Gracie Foxwell about their new book, The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey.

Agroforestry in Colombia: An Interview with Irene Montes Londoño

Food Tank discusses agroecology with Colombian family farmer and soon-to-be Yale scholar.

20 Organizations Advocating for More Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Agriculture

These organizations are working to restrict the irresponsible use of antibiotics in agriculture.

Factory Farms, Avian Flu, and You

Due to the avian flu outbreak that has affected much of the nation’s egg supply, the U.S. will start importing this popular protein source from overseas.

101 fatti che ci rendono ottimisti sul futuro del cibo

Le 101 storie di persone, organizzazioni e attività chef anno ben sperare nel futuro sostenibile del cibo

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