“Food Should Be Treated as a Right and Not a Privilege,” Says Mendelsohn

    On Food Talk, chef, restaurateur, and advocate Spike Mendelsohn talks about the food issues that motivate him to expand beyond his restaurants and into policy and advocacy spheres.

    Large Companies Are “More Open Than I’ve Ever Seen Before” to Food System Change

    On Food Talk, Executive Director of the Global Harvest Initiative Margaret Zeigler talks about the private sector’s energy to address sustainability and food productivity.

    At Organic Valley, Organic Takes Care of the Land and Farmers

    On Food Talk, George Siemon, CEO of Organic Valley, talks about what drives the co-op: an exciting mission, love for organic, and care for farmers and their communities.

    We Need a New Economy: An Economy in Service to Life, Says Lovins

    On Food Talk, Hunter Lovins of Natural Capitalism Solutions describes the new story she wants to write for the economy: prioritizing wellbeing, sustainability, and profits all together.

    Transparency is Key for Food System Leadership, Says Whitmore

    On Food Talk, Justin Whitmore of Tyson Foods talks about the company’s ambitious goals for a sustainable, making a better food system for both people and the planet.

    Urban Farming is a Vehicle to Giving Children a Way Forward

    On Food Talk, Tony Hillery talks about how he started Harlem Grown after growing frustrated with the New York City school system: “I just got off the couch one day.”

    For Plant Breeders, Yield Doesn’t Have to be the Driving Force

    On Food Talk, Howard-Yana Shapiro describes how uncommon collaborations between organizations and communities is the right way to go about solving problems in the food system.

    Journalism Key To Exposing the Food System

    “Once the awareness grows over what happens in the system producing food, we can’t help but start asking questions,” says Aubrey. “Food is a political act once you open your eyes to all of the systems that influence food workers and food production.”

    Solving Food Waste “Is Something All of Us Can Do On Our Own”

    On Food Talk, Marion Nestle uncovers the common roots of food waste, nutrition myths, and overconsumption: “The root cause is overproduction in our food system.”

    Flavor For All by Democratizing Better Seeds

    On Food Talk, Dan Barber is breaking conventional plant-breeding wisdom: seeds can be bred to have great flavor, better nutrition, and high yield.