Sustainable Agriculture

An Interview with Tina Koral, founder of the Illinois-based GardenWorks Project

Tina Koral talks about her work with the GardenWorks Project, a non-profit in Illinois, that provides garden access and education to local residents in need.

PASA’s 23rd Annual Farming for the Future Conference is Going Back to Nature

“Letting Nature Lead,” the theme of this year’s PASA Farming for the Future Conference, focuses on turning back to the Earth to determine farming strategies.

IYFF: The Last Push for 100 Gardens in 100 Days in Africa

In September, Slow Food International announced a new project, 100 Days for 100 Gardens, aiming to create 100 new food gardens in Africa by the end of the year.

Host a Viewing Party for TEDxManhattan’s 4th Annual “Changing the Way We Eat”

TEDxManhattan’s “Changing the Way We Eat” is a full-day event featuring a dynamic and diverse group of speakers addressing issues with food movement.

Community Food Lab Brings Design Thinking to Food Systems

Community Food Lab project is about rebuilding the relationship between cities and food, bringing new value to the health, economy and sustainability of cities.

Organic Made Easy

The Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) provides farmers with resources to make organic farming easy.

Bicycle Coffee, a Model for Sustainable Transportation

Bicycle Coffee co-founder Cameron McKee shares how two simple passions — riding bikes and drinking good coffee — led to the growth of a sustainable business.

Give the Gift of a Better Food System: Save a Spud!

Save a Spud (US$15.00) from Oxfam America Unwrapped is a gift that will keep potatoes fresh, reducing waste and fighting hunger!

Xao Ban: A Women Run Neighborhood Cooperative in Laos

Xao Ban is a women run cooperative that works with Lao households to produce natural foods and increase local employment levels.

NOFA-NY Winter Conference: Supporting Organic and Local Farmers

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York Winter Conference features workshops on sustainable, local, and organic farming.