Sustainable Agriculture

40 Chances to Create a Better Food System

Food Tank has compiled a list of 40 individuals and organizations breaking the status quo in food and nutrition security, food sovereignty, and food justice.

Apply to the Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Sustainable Development!

The Earth Institute calls for applications to its Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

Food Tank Book of the Week: 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World

If you knew you had 40 chances to get something right, to fix a problem, or to change the world, what would you do?

Fewer Cows, More Trees: New Zealand Case Study Proposes Simple Solution to Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A case study from New Zealand calls for action in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions caused by agricultural land use.

Sustainable Business: Field to Fork Organics Co-op Reinvigorates Community

Field to Fork Organics Co-operative supplies local North West London residents with fresh organic produce grown close to home.

UW-Madison Launches $100,000 Prize for Inspiration and Innovation in Agriculture

A new student contest run by the University of Wisconsin-Madison advances the idea that long-term solutions in agriculture must be multidisciplinary.

Rainforest Alliance Brings Nature into the Classroom with Spectacular Results

Students have been reaping the benefits of the Rainforest Alliance’s education program that focuses on ecosystem health and environmental conservation.

Watch Danielle Nierenberg Participate in Panel at James Beard Foundation Conference

Watch Danielle Nierenberg participate in a panel at the James Beard Foundation’s The Paradox of Appetite: Hungering for Change Conference.

How Do We Change the Food System? Start Early!

On October 24th, Food Day will bring attention to the many ways in which young people are creating a better food system.

Food Tank Book of the Week: Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook

Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook exposes the harsh reality of the tomato industry, but also provides hope for change in a damaged food system.