19 Books on Food Tank’s Fall Book List to Reconnect with the Food System

This fall, Food Tank is highlighting 19 new books that inspire us and challenge us to keep pushing for a better food system for everyone around the world.

Opinion | A Farmer’s Transformation

A former tobacco farmer reflects on his transformation toward regenerative agriculture, influenced by a farmer-driven program that aims to feed the world while improving the health of the planet.

Dolcini: “The unwarranted use of these pesticides has a very negative effect on pollinators”

Val Dolcini is passionate about helping pollinators and American farmers. Before joining P2, an organization dedicated to promoting the health of pollinators, he held numerous positions in government, businesses, and nonprofits including the USDA Farm Service Agency.

Host BBQ for Bee Awareness Event in Your Town

Without bees, picnics and BBQs would not exist as we know them, as highlighted by an upcoming event to raise bee awareness.